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More than 98,000 homes and 19,000 businesses were devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and our communities are still working to rebuild. Unfortunately, Donald Trump denied 99% of the federal funding requested by our state. It was a request supported by Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike. Donald Trump promised to look out for the people of North Carolina, but he’s already turning his back on them. Without this federal funding, our communities will have no way to restore primary infrastructure and protect the most vulnerable in our communities who have no way to repair or replace homes or businesses, even with the help of neighbors and the generosity of charities.


Tell Trump: NC needs flood relief NOW!

Trump's Flood Relief Funding Gap

$1.5 Billion

in damage from Hurricane Matthew

$929 Million

requested by the state of North Carolina

$6.1 Million

sent by Trump Administration

Trump abandoned Eastern N.C.

Is this how he treats the people who elected him?

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